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Burningpaw by Tomoelu Burningpaw by Tomoelu
"When truth has no burning, then it is philosophy; when it gets burning from the heart, then it becomes poetry."


Name: | Burningkit | Burningpaw | Burningwings |
Gender: Tom
Orientation: Homosexual
Clan: MoonClan  
Rank: Apprentice
DOB:  May 21st, 2014  | AC: October 1st, 2013  | WC: ---
Mentored By: Rockfall | Has Mentored: ---



Burningkit is strong, determined, impulsive, competitive, ignorant, and naïve. Unklike most kits, Burningkit shows little to no emotion, which creates flaws and complexities in his persona. Despite this, he does not display blank apathy or mocking superiority. His lack of emotion and understanding of behavior such as sarcasm, love, and hate have led to humurous situations in which he gets picked on or gets him into trouble with those he accidently offends. However, if he befriends someone, the could possibly enourage him to be more caring, kinder, and more selfless, but only in situations pertaining to that individual. Unlike most young kits, he has a strong belief in StarClan and would not be opposed to a position such as medicine cat if the oppurtunity arose, however he is also fine with being a warrior. While he admits he may not always understand everything and may question choices made by others, he always follows orders and does what he is told to the best of his ability. He has been labeled as weak, naive, and peculiar because he will follow almost any order wordlessly unless it is something absolutely unspeakable. He refuses to rebel in order to gain more freedom and tends to often not join in on games with other kits. Despite not being outerly emotional, he is very innerly emotional and any betray of trust would crush him and send him into a spiraling depression. Although at such a young age it seems to be formal, he shows more affection towards toms over she-cats, but he thinks it is just the fact he is a tom and gets along better with them. Many times if he upsets family members, he will become very unapproachable and wallow in regret, hestiance, and anger at himself. He is almost purely cold and very absolute about his decisions.



Breed: Mixed Breed. Somali, Tabby, Silver Lynx Point.
Pelt: Pale ginger red. Black and cream markings.
Eyes: Medium blue.
Voice: ---
Scent: Autumn Leaves | Feathers | Clay
Ear/Nose/Paws: Pink-brown ears. Black nose. Black paw pads.
Scars: None



 - If he went to Hogwarts, his house would be Ravenclaw.
- If he was in Homestuck, he would be a Prospit Dreamer.
- If he was in Homestuck, his God Tier would be the Prince of Blood.
- If he was a Superhero, he would be Raven.
- His theme song is Akaite by SID.



May 21st, 2014 :: Born || Burningkit
 - Born to Sorrelfox and Willowpool, with his siblings Auburnkit, Chasingkit, and Redkit.
- Became very attached to his father, but distant from the rest of his family.
- Hid in the twoleg nest during The Great War.
- Moved out of the nursery due to the overcrowd bothering him.

October 1st, 2014 :: Apprentice Ceremony || Burningpaw
 - Was given Rockfall as a mentor.



Mate: None
Kits: None
Parents: Sorrelfox, Willowpool
Siblings: Chasingpaw, Auburnpaw, Redpaw // Kestrelflight, Mossfire, Saplingheart, Harekit

:bulletpink: - Mate; Love Interest // :bulletpurple: - Family // :bulletblue: - Friend // :bulletgreen: - Acquaintance // :bulletyellow: - Clanmate; Little Contact // :bulletorange: - Strangers // :bulletred: - Hated; Feared // Strikeout - Deceased

:bulletpurple: Sorrelfox: My father. My idol. My hero. I admire him so much. I would be absolutely lost without him. He's the best warrior the clan has ever seen. I wanna be like him.
:bulletpurple: Willowpool: My mother. I hate to pick favorites, but I like father more. She liked Redpaw most anyways. But she's my mother and I love her.
:bulletpurple: Auburnpaw: My brother. Flirty, loud, annoying. Another reason I moved out. His ego is to big.
:bulletpurple: Chasingpaw: My brother. Please sit down and stop running all over the place. You're giving me a headache.
:bulletpurple: Redpaw: My only sister. She's sweet enough, but like all she-cats, she's loud. Maybe if she was quieter...
:bulletgreen: Rockfall: My mentor. I'm actually very excited to learn under him. Pehaps he can give me some insight into things others cannot.
:bulletred: Frogsplash: That over excited she-cat brought seven kits into the clan. Seven. She forced me from my nest and out into the cold just to sleep and get some peace.

If I have forgotten you, please let me know. Roleplay with him to get a relationship.

|| TRIVIA ||

:bulletblack: Burningpaw is based of Castiel. His name, Burning, comes from the Season 8 finale when the angels fell.
:bulletblack: He has a Dean. I love his Dean. I want his Dean to come to life so they can have cuddles right now. Roughbby ilu.
:bulletblack: He has a major dad complex. Like super bad. This may eventually be his downfall and biggest flaw.

Burningpaw belongs to me Tomoelu / Chikamizaki
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cupkit Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
//Redpaw runs over squealing
Tomoelu Featured By Owner 3 days ago
//Burningpaw blinks and promptly relocates
cupkit Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
//Redpaw stops and pouts

Redpaw: Burningpaw! Whatsa matter?
Tomoelu Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Burningpaw: //stays silent because something offensive would of come out
cupkit Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Redpaw: //tilts head in confusion

o-ok. I'll go talk to Auburnpaw... See ya later!
Tomoelu Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Burningpaw: Goodbye, sister
cupkit Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Redpaw: //waves tail in goodbye
sparkeythehamster Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
((Sorry this is a bit late ;^_^))

Birchpaw stretched out his legs stiffly, he'd escaped the recent fight with only a couple of knocks and bumps, he and Kestrelflight had managed to stick side by side and fend most of the worst off together. She was a Warrior now, that was hard to swallow, and while he knew that they'd already survived the Kit and Apprentice transition, this felt different, he hadn't been in love with her back then.

Sighing, he glanced over wistfully at the Nursery, it didn't seem all that long ago that they'd both been there, it was funny how quickly time seemed to fly.
DatCloudKat Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
...I him!!!  Too bad I can't draw cats like that >.<
Tomoelu Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
Ahhh! Thank you :3 However, he was actually drawn by my friend PatchyFallenstar ~
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